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5th Grade

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All Subjects




To login: user name is grps password is student


The Stacks

Scholastics Kids Page

Skills Builder 


TVO Games 



How Computers Help Us




Internet Safety 


 Professor Garfield's Internet Safety Lab

AT&T Internet Safety Games 







Newton's Law First Law of Motion Explained


Fantastic Contraption


Forces & Motion

Body Systems Game

Skeleton Lesson 




Social Studies



US and World Map Puzzles and Games

Road Trains

Revolutionary War Web Sites


The American Revolution

LIBERTY! The American Revolution (PBS)

Religion and the American Revolution

Africans in America: Revolution, 1750-1805

Spy Letters of the American Revolution

Common-Place, an Uncommon Voice

The History Place: American Revolution

Digital History Resource Guides

Election 2012




Excel Lessons

Go to this page to find your templates.


Keyboarding Online

Sites to let you practice while playing games.

Learning Games for Keyboarding 

eLearning Keyboard Lessons


Language Arts



Make Your Own Wordsearch


Learn and Practice Plurals and Possessives


Practice Plurals and Possessives


Test Your Knowledge on Plural or Possessives


The Zimmer Twins

What Are You Reading?

You have to sign up for some features but many great functions at this Scholastic Site, like book reviews written by kids and being able to create books list from a few books you enjoyed reading. Worth a look.

 Johnnie's Classic Story Page    Johnnie's Stories for Older Readers    World of Fairy Tales    

Learn Other Languages at



Vocabulary the Fun Way

Click on Free Printable Flash Card link on the right side and view the available cards.


Web Field Trip

Go to the site above and take the field trip on bears. Take notes on the Web Field Trip Log. Then Open MSWorks and write a summary of the field trip.




 Poetry Forms   

 HTS Poetry Checklist.doc


Poetry Idea Machine


Magnetic Poetry


Online Ryhming Dictionary

Listen to some great poetry as these people read their favorite poems.


Favorite Poem Project

Enjoy a little Silverstein.


Shel Silverstein

Great poetry you can even comment on.


Fizzy Funny Fuzzy

April is National Poetry Month.


Scholastics Poetry


Sports Poetry


Giggle Poetry


Fun Poetry for Kids 


Traditional Poetry




 Spelling Lessons

Go to this page to find your templates.

Ah Ha Jokes 

Best Knock Knock Jokes 

Knock Knock Jokes 

Knock-Knock Jokes  for Kids

Knocking on Squigley's Playhouse 


KNock! Knock! Jokes 







Math Activities

Go to this page to find your activities and templates.



All Practice at Dosity


Hooda Math


Division at Dosity


Kidport Math


AAA Math for 3rd Graders



Farm Stand Math


EM Games

Everyday Math Games


Mr. Maffesoli


Calculation Nation 

Try these game for 1-4 Players.

user name: GRPS

Password: student


Math Frog


Woodlands Math Zones  



Mr. Nussbaum Math Games


Mr. Maffesoli

Lemonade World 

Lemonade Tycoon 

Lemonade Stand 




Analysing Data: 

Reading Grids  What's The Point  Reading Bar Graphs  Understanding Graphs 
Interpreting Data on a Graph  Reading Bar Graphs  Graphing Data  Data Picking 




Math Videos

Show Me
Math A Tube
Math Playground Videos





NGA for Kids



Art puzzles


Click Mazes 




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