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 Welcome to Mrs. McDaniel's Class Page.




"This is a place to find something useful, try something new, or just have fun." 

Because of the quarantine I have added some great virtual field trips. Stay healthy. Protect your friends and grandparents.


Visit the Animals




Visit Museums All Over the World for FREE



National Parks



NASA Ree Images



Lots of Places to see from this link




1st Grade,   2nd Grade,    3rd Grade,    4th Grade

5th Grade,   6th Grade,    7th Grade,     8th Grade


Reading Interventions


Math Interventions


Great Books for Adolescents to Listen or Read


LOOP Approved Web Sites


ESL Games


Student Pages


Virtual Field Trips 


How To...



This is my multimedia bulletin board for the schools. I hope parents, students and colleagues will enjoy seeing our work.


Interactive Reading


Spanish Podcasts

2010 Podcasts are up and working finally! Check them out.

These students have really outdone themselves.


The Wonderful Things Your Can Find on the Internet


Technology Trailblazers  





A very safe children's search engine.


Unusual But Great Music


Find Graphics and Photos


Saving Images


Starwars Snowflakes (Also great NY Yankees Snowflakes and more!)


Resources for Country Reports

Revolutionary War Resources


Resources for the Roman Empire


Feel Like Helping Others?


Holiday Activities On Line


Celtic Knots


Computer Basics

Go to this page to find your activities and templates.


Some of My Favorite Web 2 point 0 Apps


Web Page Resources



Teacher's Resources Worth A Teacher's Time and Effort 


Thinkfinity Resources for Teachers


Sue Jazwiec's Wiki


Computer Kiddos Kelley's Wiki


Teacher websites:


Mr. Jazwiec, http://mrjazwiec.pbworks.com
Mrs. Deboer, http://computerkiddoswiki.pbworks.com
Ms. McDaniels, http://mrsmacsclass.pbworks.com
Mr. VanDyke, http://www.grsharedtime.com/pc-lab
Mrs. Riley, http://learnportwiki14.pbworks.com
Mr. Brindle http://shared-time.wikispaces.com/Computer+Classroom 

Ms. Spreitzer  www.jspreitzer.pbworks.com

Mr. Jazwiec, http://mrjazwiec.pbworks.com
Mr. Brindle (Shawnee Class Website 4th/5th Grade), http://brindlet.wikispaces.com
Mrs. Brundage, http://www.ikeepbookmarks.com/browse.asp?account=67998&clientWidth=0




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