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Wild Goose Chase Investigations

Page history last edited by Patricia McDaniels 10 years, 5 months ago

Introduction to the Investigation

Attention ·   Attention ·   Attention

To: All Wild Goose Chase Agents

From: I. Surf, Director

Re: Priority One Mission Assignment

The curator of the Rare Documents Department from the National Treasury of Letters has requested our agency's services. An anonymous individual has sent the Treasury, two images of what appear to be, very rare, one-of-a-kind (priceless) documents. This individual is offering to sell these documents to the National Treasury of Letters for their public exhibit area. However, the curator wishes to have these documents authenticated, before purchasing them. You are to begin this mission immediately - open the encrypted security pouch for important mission details.

Yours truly,

I. Surf


I. Surf, Director

Wild Goose Chase Agency


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