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Boot Camp Training Process

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Boot Camp Training Process


Welcome to the WGCA Mission Training Center! During your stay at camp, you will be participating in a variety of exercises that will assist you with your investigative mission. Specific workshop offerings will include sharpening your Internet skills. During our time together you will participating in and completing the following missions:

Pre-Mission Prep Time: Creating an I Keep Book Mark Account

Training Sesion 1: Engines, Directories, Meta engines, Deep Web

Training Sesion 2: Searching Strategies

Training Sesion 3: Locating File Types, Databases and Page Content

Training Sesion 4: Primary Documents

Training Sesion 5: Evaluation

You are expected to complete each of these training exercises, in the order they are listed. The success of your mission hinges on your having completed them, before you advance to the next level of this investigation.


Pre-Mission Prep

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