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Reading Interventions K 1

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Phonological Awareness EC



Matching Sounds 

  Listening Skills 

initial sounds 

  Listening Activity A1   Worksheet


  Listening Activity A2  Worksheet
  manipulating sounds   Listening Activity A3  Worksheet
Rhyming Words Activity 1  Listening Activity B1 Worksheet
    Listening Activity B2 Worksheet
    Listening Activity B3 Worksheet
    Listening Activity B4 Worksheet
    Listening Activity B5 Worksheet
    Listening Activity C1 Worksheet
    Literacy Activity C2  Worksheet

    Visual Discrimination/Phonics

  Visual Discrimination  

ABC Identification 


Matching Sounds to Letters

  Upper and Lower Case Match   

alphabet games 

  Letter Fire   

 ABC Match

  Memory Game   

 Alphabet Tunnel Blaster

 Alphabet Book Game

 Leo Letter Match

Alphabet Zoo 

 The Frog Game

 Fill in the Missing Letter



 Naming Letters 


River Fish

   Missing Letter  


Consonant Sounds 


Spring Bee


Memory Game


Go Fishing

 letter identification   Whack A Mole Alphabet Game         

Letter Match Game






Concepts of Print

     Pre-reading behaviors

     orientation to the page

     indentifying title/author

     counting words


Phonological Awareness, Concepts of Print


Phonological Awareness

     phoneme identification


     phonemic manipulation of sounds and syllabication


ABC - Starfall


     vowel patterns

Long Vowels 

Short Vowels 

Long & Short Vowels 

Long Vowels 

Short Vowel 

Matching pictures 

Long & Short Vowel Activity

1st grade 

Matching Pictures

1st grade: a, i & o 


 Matching Pictures

1st grade e & u


Long Vowel Words

1st grade 



     spelling patterns and rhyming

Rhyming with Reggie 

Memory Cards

 1st grade rhyming words




     sound manipulation and syllabication

Concepts of Print

     developmental writing and reading skills

     environmental print


Vocabulary and Word Structure, Comprehension, & Writing

     Naming Things 


Vocabulary & Word Structure

 sight words      
 Big Fun Match Game

Memory Cards

 sun, moon, stars and comets

Word Drop 


Panda Mayhem 
Reading Cards 

Memory Cards

Colorful Bugs 

Word Drop 2

1st grade 

3 Step Game 

Memory Cards

apples, pears, grapes, and peaches

High Frequency Words

1st grade






     content vocabulary and context clues

     synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homographs, homophones

     base words, prefixes, suffixes

     compound words, contractions


     literal, interpretive, and evaluative

     Tunes That Teach


     writing process and conventions of language

     language structure, phrase, sentence, paragraph,

     grammatical patterns


First Grade Language Arts Skills


     Alphabetic Order


          Full Stops

HMS Sweet Tooth


Sentences Making Sense

The Patchworker



Dragon Land


Seeing Patterns

The Cream Cake Mystery



Floppy and the Puppies


Working Out New Words

Code Calling



Fraser the Eraser


Words That Make Sounds

The Sound Monster


Fill in the missing letters. First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Wild West Phonics


Rhyming Words. First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

River Rhyming


Alphabetic Order: First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Alphabetical Adventure


Spelling: First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Pirate Spelling


Using Pronouns: First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Traveling Pronouns


Using Conjuctions: First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Balloon Joining Words


Synonyms: First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Matching Word Golf


Use of Punctuation: First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Alien Punctuation


Sentence Structure: First/Second grade. Three Levels: medium, hard, really hard.

Kung-Fu Sentences



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