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Reading Intervention 2

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Second Grade Language Arts Skills




Click on the phonics skill to practice.


 Short Vowels

 Long Vowels




See & Spell Short Vowels  See & Spell Long Vowels  See & Spell Blends  See & Spell Digraphs  See & Spell Plurals
Short Vowels Matching Pictures  Picture Match  Consonant Blends  Vowel Digraphs   
Picture Match  Wild West Phonics  Activity 1 Final Consonent Digraphs  
Construct A Word  Reading Upgrade Long Vowel  Activity 2  Beginning Consonant Digraphs   
Wild West Phonics  Short, Long or Controlled r Game  Activity 3  Ch  
Reading Upgrade Short Vowel  Phonics Quiz Long & Short Vowels  Activity 4  Sh   
Short Vowel Flashcards  Long & Short Vowel games  Activity 5  Th   

Silent e

Activity 6  Wh  
  Silent  e Wordsearch  Activity 7  Diagraph Activity 1  

Silent e Scramble

This is a worksheet. Print and fill it out. 

Activity  8 Diagraph Activity 2  
  Long Vowels Sadlier-Oxford    Diagraph Activity 3  
  Name the Pictures  Consonant Blends Wordsearch  Diagraph Activity 4   
  PBS Kids Word Search with silent e  Consonant Blends Flashcards  Diagraph Activity 5  
  Silent e Hangman  Blend Practice  Diagraph Activity 6  
  Silent e     Play Diagraph Board Game (needs 2-3 players  
      Diagraph Practice  

Consonant Blends


r-controlled Words



Consonant Blends 

Fly By 


ou & ow 

Word Endings

ag, an, ap, at, ar.en.ate, all,ail, ub 



match picture 

oi, oy & ew 

Word Endings 1

        Word Endings 2
        Fish 'em Up
        Lots of Word Endings Activities

Book Buddy

prefixes, suffixes


Flip A Chip

word endings



Color Words   Days of the Week   Months   Dolch Action Words   Number Words 1-16  
Parts of a Books   What's In the Bag?  Word Wizard     


Deductions: Play, Read, Watch, & Quiz


Dictionaries:Play, Read, Watch, & Quiz

Non-fiction: Play, Read, Watch, & Quiz


Rhyme A Week  Paint a Rhyme Online  The Real Mother Goose  Mother Goose on the Web  Kididdles 


Poetry: Play, Read, Watch, & Quiz


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