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Reading Intervention 4

Page history last edited by Patricia McDaniels 13 years, 9 months ago

Fourth Grade Language Arts Skills





Vowel Sounds 





oo  Ski Lodge Vacation 


ly & y 

Rocket to the Moon

synonyms,antonyms, & homonyms 

oo 2  Circus Builder         

Combined Skills 

Dictionary Skills 



Building Sentences 

Snowman Builder  Dino Hunters  Crystal Castle  Environmental Rescue     



Revising Sentences: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with Clauses & Phrases, Types of Sentences, and Punctuation

Sentence Activities:


Paragraphs: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with How paragraphs are set up, Why paragraphs are used.

Paragraph Activities 

Paragraph Test


Structure: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with planning, beginnings, endings, layouts, tips for answering questions.

Structure Activity

Character Analysis: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with explicit meaning, implicit meaning, first, second, and thirdperson accounts. PEE (Point, Evidence, Explaination), using quotations and useful phrases.


Atmosphere and Setting:

Writer's Tricks:

Text Types: The differences between Fiction and Non-fiction.

Summarizing the Text: Skimming, scanning and topic sentences.

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