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Reading Intervention 5

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Fifth Grade Language Arts




Synonyms, Antonyms

Prefix, Base & Suffix 


Analogy Challenge  Synonym Challenge  Jelly Fish  School of Fish 
  Field Trip     
  Antonym Challenge    

Classifying Words 

Context Clues 



Future City  Cows  Treasure Behind the Mask  Sly Pig 
      Space Station 



Flip Words




Revising Sentences: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with Clauses & Phrases, Types of Sentences, and Punctuation

Sentence Activities:


Paragraphs: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with How paragraphs are set up, Why paragraphs are used.

Paragraph Activities 

Paragraph Test


Structure: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with planning, beginnings, endings, layouts, tips for answering questions.

Structure Activity

Character Analysis: Work through the lesson. This activity deals with explicit meaning, implicit meaning, first, second, and thirdperson accounts. PEE (Point, Evidence, Explaination), using quotations and useful phrases.


Atmosphere and Setting:

Writer's Tricks:

Text Types: The differences between Fiction and Non-fiction.

Summarizing the Text: Skimming, scanning and topic sentences.

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