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Sports Illustrated 


Sports Illustrated



I would recommend Sports Illustrated because it informs you on all the sports going on. I would recommend this site to a friend. It is helpful because it has accutrateinformation, pictures, videos, and games. The games take a short time to load. The website is easy to get around in.I tried the Heat Rush game, and I liked it, it has graphic in a good way and it was interesting to play. The games werent that challenging.


I would recommend this site to 3rd grade and up, depending on if they like sports or not. If they like sports then I recommend to the age they are. I am in 7th grade and I enjoy this site. So I recommend because it has valid information and pictures and games that the kids would like and the information the adults/ older people would like. Like they had some pictures of the games that happened in the game that day, and the score for a game and games from the athletes. This site is one of the most interesting websites that I have ever been to. The staff for the magazine are the people who  made the web site.

Monterey Bay Aquarium 


Monterey Bay Aquarium

 Monterey Bay Aquarium                                           

Monterey Bay Aquarium is a web site to inform you about sea animals.This site was not all games and videos, it had a couple of videos, but it was mostly for information. The videos they had were amazing to watch and the photos were breath taking. The games were interesting and they were easy for little children. The games were instructed well. They were not challenging at all. I tried the bird bingo and it was entertained me. I liked all the other games, videos, and pictures. The pictures and videos were graphic (in an approprate way)  and I enjoyed searching through them and watching the videos and I think you wil enjoy it too.

Dear reader,

I recommend this site for all ages because it  is very educational. Thhe web site gave me everything I needed. It tells readers important information to save the animals, and that information is vital to know to help all the animals . It also helps the foog chain to know this information. Plus it gives us a chance to go see those animals in an aquarium.Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation made the web site they did an exellent job at it.


http://hoodamath.com/                                                                                     Hooda Math

 Hooda Math                                                                                                                     


Using the data you have collected above, write a paragraph explaining why you would or wouldn't recommend this site to a friend.

I would recommend  Hooda Math to a friend  because it is information filled and relliable, it is an interesting website to learn about math,and it keeps getting better the more time it is up and running. It has fun games, it is for all ages that can play on the computer they work well and they ARE approprate. I tried the box game and it was very interesting on how complicated it looks but it is a simple math game. They gave me clear instructions on how to play. Most of the games were simple and some were more challenging than others. I recommend this site to 2nd graders and up. It also has a lot of games to play, and it tells you about the math lessons that you might have learned in class but put into the form of a game.


Dear Reader,

This website helps us to learn math and to get to lerarn more about. I recommend this site to grades 2nd  and up. This site helps us to play games for math and to learn about the lesson. This website is fun for all the kids in school. Created by Michael Edlavitch, a Middle-School Mathematics Teacher and he did amazing he got all the high points that you need to get to attract the “older” crowd, and he suceeded.



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Very Nice! Fix the spelling problem (words marked with red text) and you can use spell checker. Then its 100%.

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